Safe Haven

dsc_0957The summer of 2012 changed my life. It was spent volunteering at a children’s home in Kampala, Uganda. Abetavu, meaning save haven, is where it all started. Run by a Canadian woman and her Ugandan husband, this place is now home to many loved children. During my time here they were in the process of building their forever home on their new land in a rural village. This land is now occupied by many more buildings bringing different programs and resources to the village. They are the only grassroots organization in this rural area bringing special needs groups, teen girls groups, youth soccer groups and much more to the people in this village.

dsc_0038 I spent my 20th birthday with this family and to this day it is still one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. We made a gluten free chocolate cake with the youngest children and it was fun for everyone. Who knew that Uganda would have so many gluten free options at the grocery store? I was able to enjoy cake, pasta and more just life everyone else. And, the pasta products were much better than the ones we had back home!

dsc_0747Going on a safari adventure was a must do during my time in Uganda. I went on a 4 day safari trip and even met someone from my home town! I couldn’t believe how close we got to some of the animals on this trip. This is my favourite photo from the entire trip. We stumbled across a herd of elephants while we were driving back from a boat ride. The last one to cross the dirt road was this adorable baby elephant. He stood in the middle of the road for a few minutes giving everyone the perfect photo-op. This was a trip of a lifetime and since I was travelling solo I was so happy to be able to capture these moments for others to see.



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