51 Things To Do Before I Die

Alright folks, here’s a list I’ve compiled of some things I’d like to do throughout my life. Some are just for fun while others are life goals I have.

Here we go!

  1. start my own business
  2. road trip across Canada
  3. travel to Malaysia
  4. eat a fresh coconut
  5. travel to Thailand
  6. eat gelato in Italy
  7. see the Grand Canyon
  8. walk the Las Vegas strip
  9. see the Great Wall of China
  10. travel to Germany
  11. see the Northern Lights
  12. run a 10km race
  13. travel to New Orleans
  14. see the pyramids
  15. travel to Greece
  16. make candles
  17. go back to school
  18. travel to Bora Bora
  19. skydiving
  20. publish an e-book
  21. ride in a hot air balloon
  22. swim with dolphins
  23. vacation in Hawaii
  24. get married
  25. ride an elephant
  26. see the Eiffel Tower
  27. have a family
  28. attend an Olympic event
  29. go to a drive-in movie
  30. eat at a 5 star restaurant
  31. go to Disneyland
  32. send a message in a bottle
  33. go on a cruise
  34. eat at Chipotle
  35. get a fish pedicure
  36. give blood
  37. see a movie at an open air cinema
  38. buy a house
  39. go to a wine tasting
  40. take a helicopter ride
  41. visit Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris – love lock bridge
  42. attend high tea
  43. travel to Portugal
  44. see Niagara Falls
  45. go zip-lining
  46. travel to Venice
  47. own a pool table
  48. visit the Taj Mahal
  49. buy my dream car
  50. master a magic trick
  51. deadlift 200 pounds

Now, let’s here from you. What are some life goals you’d like to accomplish? Or how about an adventure you have your heart set on? Comment below!

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