Journal Entries

Vegan…..or not?

Wednesday February 22, 2017 – excerpt from today’s journal entry

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying veganism for a few months now. There are so many benefits to eating a more plant based diet. So why not try it out? I’ve been a vegetarian before and had thought of trying out veganism at the time but I never thought I’d be able to give up dairy. I love cheese. It’s one of my favourite foods…so how could I stop eating it? Needless to say, I never ended up giving it a go. Fast forward a few years and now I’m back to thinking about it. Vegan….or not? I plan on incorporating more plant based products in my diet regardless but I might even do a 30 day challenge of eating an all vegan diet and see how I feel once I complete it. My skin tends to break out over time due to dairy and I’m sure a 30 day break would be great!



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